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Chrono Trigger (クロノ・トリガー) este un joc de rol japonez produs de către Square și lansat în Japonia pe 11 martie 1995 pentru Super Famicom și în America de Nord pe 22 august 1995 pentru Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).


  • CE faceți voi doi? Credeam că ați zis ceva despre o mică prezentare?
    • Spus la sfârșitul "Slideshow"
    • În timpul jocului, Crono nu vorbește niciodată


  • Mașinile nu sunt capabile de a face rău. Oamenii le fac în felul acela.
  • Toată istoria noastră... arta și știința noastră... toate pentru a satisface acea... bestie.
  • Nimic nu bate știința!
  • Nici măcar o poartă de calibrul acesta nu poate să facă știința neputincioasă!


  • Lasă-ți scutul jos, și vei lăsa inamicul să intre.
  • Numele meu este Glenn! Speranțele și visurile lui Cyrus…și acum cu Masamune, o să îl spintec pe Magus și să readuc onoare!
  • Ți-ai pierdut prietenul în fața ochilor; acum nu există cuvinte să te consoleze.
  • Avem propria noastră voință!
    • Contra lui Lavos


  • Ayla luptă cât trăiește! Câștigă și trăiește. Pierde și moare. Regula vieții. Nu schimbat regula. Bătrân respiră, dar mort pe dinăuntru.
  • Fără glume cu Ayla, sau capul face poc!
    • Când Robo încearcă să explice ce este un robot
  • Broască delicioasă! Pentru Ayla mâncat?
    • O întrebare pentru Frog când se trezește
  • Să vă piară gândul, doamnă!
    • Răspunsul lui Frog


  • Eu... e broasca aia tâmpită! Ai sărutat niște prințese de curând?!
  • A...! Masamune!!! Pun pariu că de-abia aștepți să o folosești! Vântul negru începe să bată... Bine... Lovește-mă cu tot ce poți... Dacă ești preparat pentru abis!
  • Vîntul negru urlă... Unul dintre voi va pieri în curând...
    • Janus (Magus copil, în anul 12,000 B.C.)
  • Nu-ți pierde timpul. Alfador mă place doar pe mine.
    • Janus, cănd jucătorul încearcă să vorbească cu Alfador, pisica
  • I survived the Darkness to defeat you!
    • To Lavos
  • Idiots... Nothing can live forever.
  • Unimaginable is the power of Lavos. Anyone who dares to oppose... it... meets certain doom.
  • I never imagined that we would settle our score in this dusty old era. Come, let us finish this charade!
    • At the North Cape, to Frog before the one on one duel
  • There's a letter here. Shall we burn it?
  • The weak always strive to be weaker...
  • You got whacked because you're weak.
    • To Crono at the End of Time
  • Oh, how dreadful. Say, do you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper...
  • The past is dead. It was all just a dream...
  • We were created only to be harvested. All people... and all living things... It's over for you... Your life ends here!
    • When facing Lavos
  • If history is to be changed, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to be destroyed, I must simply laugh!


  • Crono!! We can't keep sponging off my dad! Go and get a job!!
  • Enough with the false modesty! You have a real gift! I would trade my royal ancestry for your genius in a heartbeat!
    • To Lucca
  • I didn't "pick up" anything from outside! It's called "common sense!"
    • Reacting to King Guardia's remark about the things she learns outside the castle
  • It was awful. I can't recall it all... I was somewhere cold, dark, and lonely. Is that what it's like to... die?
    • Returning from being written out of reality
  • Like we're in another world.
    • About 2300 Ad
  • You cocky boxes of bolts!


  • All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...At least for now.
    • Belthasar in "The Mystery of Life" Vol. 841 Ch. 26
  • It all began aeons ago, when man's ancestors picked up a shard of strange red rock. Its power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated dreams... in turn, love and hate were born... Only time will see how it all ends.
    • Belthasar's book in Kajar
  • This is the eternal kingdom of Zeal, where dreams can come true. But at what price?
    • Doreen in Enhasa
  • I'm Doreen. Seek the hidden path, and open the doors of knowledge, each in turn.
    • Doreen in Enhasa
  • Am I butterfly dreaming I'm a man? Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi? Never assume what you see and feel is real!
    • Doreen
  • Water summons Wind, Wind makes Fire dance!
    • Code to unlock Nu secret room in Enhasa
  • In our world, every storm has an end. Every night has a new morning. What's important is to trust those you love, and never give up. We must all keep hope alive...
    • Nun at Cathedral in 600 AD
  • Just as you touch the energy of every life form you meet, so, too, will their energy strengthen you. Fail to live up to your potential, and you will never win.
    • Gaspar
  • Male...female.....what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!
    • Flea
  • Crono, I thought I told you to keep your pets outside...
    • Crono's Mom, about Frog
  • Congrats on finishing the game. Now get a life!!
    • Eiji Nakamura in the "Programmers'" Ending
  • Stop degrading yourselves! We Enlightened Ones were once the same as you. The only difference is that we are under Lavos' control.
    • Schala
  • Behold, my pretties! Destiny, in its most brutal form. All the dreams that might have been. All the happiness and sorrow you might have experienced. Gone forever!!! For you there will be no tomorrow! The Black Omen transcends time and space, waiting for Lavos to awaken! Destiny has led you here. And here you shall rest forever, unless you defeat me, and smash the Omen! Perhaps I can persuade Lavos to share his dreams to you! Did I say dreams? I meant his eternal nightmare!
    • Queen Zeal
  • This weapon represents considerable power... Your actions may either save or destroy life. Wield your sword with full knowledge of the consequences!
    • Melchior
  • To bring back lost loved ones... It's what everyone wants... Crono must be proud... to have friends like you...
    • Gaspar
  • My name is Gato/I have metal joints/Beat me up/And earn fifteen silver points!
    • Gato (singing)

Japanese Retranslation[modificare]

  • Less haste, more speed.
    • Gaspar

From a Japanese proverb, isogaba maware. Translates roughly to "When in a hurry, rather than a dangerous shortcut, taking the long but safe main road is faster in the end. An admonition to take the safe and steady way." The meaning was lost in the North American translation, as it was replaced by "You must hurry!"

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